eBay Typosquatting Scam Rips Off Amazon (AMZN, EBAY)

Type “amazon.cm” into your browser (omit the “o”) : The request will redirect to Amazon’s (AMZN) rival eBay (EBAY).

This is called typosquatting. It’s illegal. It’s also quite common: Searches for “google.cm” go to something called money4scrapgold.com, “yahoo.cm” goes to viralvideos.org, “msn.cm” redirects to personals site singlesnet.com.

But “amazon.cm” going to a competitor like eBay takes the shady practice to new level.

In fairness to eBay, the company probably isn’t even aware this is happening. “Amazon.cm” redirects first through icarfinder.com, a site we’ve never heard of that’s registered in Venezuela. This is likely a rogue eBay account holder trying to game eBay’s store referral credit program through unethical means.

If so, what’s eBay going to do about it?

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