eBay Australia is rolling out a new sneaker verification program, which it says will protect local buyers from counterfeit kicks

eBay Australia is seeking to combat counterfeit goods and open the US sneaker market to Australians.
  • eBay is launching a third-party verification program that will allow US sneakers to be bought and shipped to Australia.
  • The service opens up the massive US sneaker resale market, offering brands including Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, and Adidas to Australian shoppers.
  • Authentication is a significant issue for buyers on online platforms, and eBay said the program will allow Australians to buy designer sneakers without the risk of counterfeit.
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eBay Australia is opening its market to authenticated sneaker listings from the US, with labels including Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, and Adidas available to Australian customers through US listings.

From May 5, eBay Australia will give Aussie sneakerheads access to nearly 90,000 third-party-verified sneaker listings from the US through a new Authenticity Guarantee program it said will reduce the risks associated with buying resale sneakers.

It will first be available for new sneakers sold for more than US $150 and pre-owned sneakers sold over US $300, with brands eligible to be sold including Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Vans, Asics, Reebok, Converse and Puma.

The move seeks to combat counterfeit goods on one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, with the company stating it plans to bring the service to its local sellers by setting up a team of third-party authenticators located in Australia in coming months.

David Ramadge, eBay Australia’s senior director said the new service comes as a response to buyer concerns about fakes and a more widespread problem of trust around authenticity on the platform.

Ramadge also said the move looks to help Australian buyers access the massive US sneaker resale market.

“There’s a growing army of sneaker fans in Australia — from those who want the latest hot drops to hardcore collectors after rare finds,” he said.

“The launch of our Authenticity Guarantee means the 12 million Australians visiting eBay each month will be able to access eBay’s huge US sneaker range while feeling confident in the item’s authenticity.”

The sneaker resale market is a booming sector globally and particularly in the US, where the sneaker and streetwear resale market is growing 20% year-on-year and projected to reach $30 billion globally by the end of 2021.

Increasingly, brands are seeking ways to participate in resale, which often drives sales away from the primary market.

In April Nike announced it would launch an initiative to clean and resell sneakers that have been used and returned by its customers, a program it said will help it nurture the circular fashion economy — but also allows the company to reclaim product that may otherwise have ended up on resale platforms.

The service will allow Australians to shop US-based listings that show an “Authenticity Guarantee” badge, a process completed by eBay with third-party authenticator Sneaker Con. Ebay said it will cover authentication costs, including the cost of international delivery from the authentication centre to Australian buyers.

Once sold, sneakers from US-based listers will be sent to a dedicated authentication centre in New York or Las Vegas for inspection, then shipped to buyers in Australia with a tag indicating authenticity.

eBay Australia said buyers will be able to scan the tag with their phone when they receive sneakers, opening an encrypted digital certificate showing the product’s details, size, SKU and date of authentication.

In line with the rest of the e-commerce market, eBay’s growth exploded in 2020, adding 11 million new customers in 2021 and rocketing to 185 million active buyers.

Australian online shopping reached an all-time high in 2020, with online purchases growing 57% year-on-year, according to research published by Australia Post.

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