eBay Is Changing Its Logo. eBay Inc. Is Not. We Explain

eBay's new logo

Photo: eBay

eBay’s changing its logo.And eBay’s not changing its logo.


After 17 years, the eBay website—the company’s original auction marketplace—is adopting a new logo. Its colours are similar, but it’s dropped the off-kilter arrangement, opting for a tightly kerned look where the letters are all touching. (It’s supposed to show how the marketplace’s buyers and sellers are “connected.”)

But that business, known as eBay Marketplaces, which includes most eBay-branded marketplaces, eBay Motors, and newer services like eBay Now, is just a part of eBay Inc., which also includes PayPal, the online-payment service, and GSI Commerce, a provider of online storefronts to big retailers.

So we asked eBay whether it was changing eBay Inc.’s logo, too.

“Our logo refresh reflects a cleaner, contemporary look for the eBay consumer logo, not eBay Inc.,” eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff told us.

So if you find yourself nostalgic for the old eBay logo, just visit the corporate website.

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