This iPad Prototype Sold For More Than $10,000 On eBay

ipad prototype

Photo: Ebay

Last night an original iPad prototype sold on eBay for $10,200, reports MacRumors.The device offers a look at the direction Apple was originally thinking of going with its tablet.

Most notably, the prototype has two dock connectors — one for use in portrait mode, one for use in landscape mode.

There’s no “iPad” branding on it, and the silver back that we’ve grown accustomed to is actually a dark grey.

The device is pictured running Apple’s SwitchBoard diagnostic software, so it seems legitimate. Take a look.

It runs Apple's SwitchBoard diagnostic software

Here's a look under the hood

It comes with 16 GB of internal storage and two distinct dock connectors

The back of it is a dark grey

A closer look at the back

It's an interesting look at what could have been

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