eBay CEO Says Growth Declines Are Over

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  • eBay CEO says no growth declines since February
  • BusinessWeek will redesign, charge for e-paper version
  • Look, it’s OK to have your Kindle autographed, too
  • Google wants to use illustrators’ work for free; illustrators say no
  • The kosher search engine
  • Mobile money is huge in Kenya and will be big everywhere else by 2012
  • Facebook.com/haywoodjablome is taken
  • A gigantic iPhone
  • Marc Andreessen is ready to invest $300 million
  • IAB comes up with social media marketing standards
  • Where people went during Internet Week
  • Google is launching a microblogging search engine
  • If Google Were Your Roommate…
  • Buy an online ad in Canada, get the rest of the world free
  • Guy who uses anecdotal evidence to draw sweeping, feel-good conclusions plans on lecturing about what Journalism is
  • NBC acqui-hires ProFootball.Talk
  • New York Observer owner buys IAC’s Very Short List, fires everybody
  • Biz Stone answers reader questions
  • Universal gives away music to ISP-partner Virgin Media’s subscribers

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