eBay’s CEO Talks Startup Acquisitions

john donahoe ebay

[credit provider=”Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Business Insider”]

Here at eG8 we caught up with eBay CEO John Donahoe inbetween lunch with Nicolas Sarkozy and another meeting to ask him about what’s up with eBay and what he thinks of Square’s big product announcement, where the company basically went one big step further in its endeavour to kill the credit card, and PayPal in the process.Donahoe didn’t seem to have heard of the announcement, and when we explained it, he pointed out that PayPal not only has a great technology platform (very important for payments, which have to be very secure and reliable), but also tens of millions of users (important in a network effects business). He didn’t seem fazed.

We also asked him about what startups he might buy and why, and he said eBay was always open to acquisitions with the right team and product. He wouldn’t say exactly what sectors he was looking into, but said that by looking at his previous acquisitions like Milo and Where, you could tell what might come next. 

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