eBay Beats Expectations, Posts $2.2 Billion Revenues

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eBay just posted second quarter revenues of $2.2 billion on earnings of $0.40 per share.

The consensus revenue expectation for the quarter was $2.16 billion.

According to JP Morgan analyst Imran Khan, revenues above $2.2 biillion are “positive.”

The consensus earnings expecatation was $0.38 per share.

In a note published earlier today, JP Morgan analyst Imran Khan wrote that anything below $.38 per share would be a disappointment.

Here’s Citi analyst Mark Mahaney’s eBay breakdown:

“Per our March 31st report, “A Tale Of Two Cities,” we continue to view EBAY as containing a very robust Payments business and a competitively & structurally challenged Marketplace business. Given that eBay’s Marketplace accounts for over 80% of overall profits, it has to grow its Marketplace segment in-line with overall eCommerce — without sacrificing its operating margin – in order to sustain solid double-digit EPS growth. We believe that’s a Tall Order given: a declining U.S. user base, an Auction Format anchor, a still sub-par user experience (our latest eShopping Cart analysis showed Amazon with comparable prices for Fixed Price items and arguably greater selection), and increased high-end, low-end competition from Amazon, multi-channel retailers, Craigslist, etc.”

Click here for the release.

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