eBay Auctioned Off A Dinner At Warren Buffett's Childhood Home — And The Results Were Surprising

Warren Buffett office

Photo: CBS News

Imagine little baby Warren in his little baby jammies coming up with investment ideas and learning how to be The Oracle.It all happened in one place, his childhood home in Omaha, Nebraska. So a city charity had the brilliant idea of auctioning off a dinner there and placed it on eBay.

The result comes to us from the WSJ:

In fact, two days after an Omaha, Neb., charity launched an eBay auction for the dinner, there are zero bids. The 10 diners get to hang out in Mr. Buffett’s old stomping grounds and watch a video message from him. With bids starting at $6,000, it could be seen as a bargain given that lunch with him sold for over $2 million last year. Then again, his childhood home likely lacks the folksy charm—and investment tips—without Mr. Buffett in it.


People would probably be more interested in touring his office>

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