eBaum’s World Founder Gets Fired, Starts Over


Before Google’s (GOOG) YouTube, if you wanted to find a video of a skateboarder falling down some steps or kids setting stuff on fire, you went to eBaum’s World. That’s part of the reason why HandHeld Entertainment/ZVUE paid $17.5 million in cash and stock for the Rochester, N.Y.-based company in 2007.

But that was then. Now ZVUE has fired eBaum’s World founder Eric Bauman and his staff. For the gruesome details, read Bauman’s blog posts from over the weekend.

So what’s next? Bauman and his team are already competing with their old site on the new eBaum.tv. It’s very rough — basically a raw WordPress blog — but it looks like they’ll be aggregating more goofy, offensive photos and videos, like “Word female cycling start ever” and “Fat lady rides bull.”

We’re not sure what YouTube’s ever-increasing mindshare has done for business, but at the time of the deal, eBaum’s World was making about $1.6 million on $5.2 million of revenue. (Mostly, if not entirely, from content that eBaum’s doesn’t pay for.)

Compete says uniques are down 22.5% year-over-year, but that eBaum’s World still outdraws rival, IAC-owned CollegeHumor.