Take A Look At How Much The Average American Spends On Food And Dining Each Month

Every month Americans spend exorbitant amounts on food and dining out. Whether they are catching up with an old friend over coffee, shopping at the local market, or out on the town for a memorable evening, Americans spend surprising amounts of their budgets on their food and dinning experiences.

Mint.com, an online budgeting website, aggregated and anonymized user data on these types of expenses. In collaboration with Column Five and Akorn they created this video to highlight some of the most interesting user trends.

Mint users spend more cash on each transaction at Peet’s Coffee compared to Starbucks; when it comes to fast food, users spend more at Burger King than at McDonald’s. On average, users spend nearly four times as much per month at bars than at coffee shops. The average grocery bill at Kroger supermarkets is nearly as large as that at Whole Foods.

See how your food and dining spending compares to those in this video.