DEJA VU: EasyJet Denies Boarding To Disabled British Passenger

EasyJet aeroplanes

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Hot on the heels of a $92,000 fine for forcing handicapped French passengers off planes, EasyJet has come under fire just weeks later for taking similar actions in England.According to the BBC, the flight crew on an early January flight out of Gatwick Airport denied boarding to Martin Sabry, who has been paralysed form the chest down for 17 years.

The crew stopped him because they were not confident that Sabry would be able to reach an emergency exit in the event of a crash.

What is even stranger is that the flight crew stopped Sabry on the jetway and asked him to read a card of escape procedures out loud, noting whether he was capable of each one. Sabry has flown EasyJet before with no issues.

By the time he was approved to board the plane, the flight had already left the gate.

EasyJet has apologized for the difficulty that Mr. Sabry faced as well as how he was treated at the gate. They have also announced that they are conducting a full investigation into why this happened.

Still, the recent spate of bad press cannot be good for business.

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