19 easy and adorable Halloween costume ideas for babies

DuckCostume Works/PinterestHave you ever seen a more adorable duckling?

Fact: Halloween costumes look a million times cuter on tiny humans.

And while they may have no idea what’s going on, Pinterest put together 21 easy costume ideas so parents can look back on their kids’ first Halloween fondly.

This oompa loompa look is great for twins.

The mouse and chef from 'Ratatouille' is perfect for dads.

Book characters are great, too, like The Boy Who Lived.

Or a mandrake from a 'Harry Potter' Herbology lesson.

Pokemon's Ash Ketchum is simple to put together.

And every Ash needs a Pikachu. This mask can be made in minutes.

How adorable is this mermaid costume?

For a more spooky vibe, turn your stroller into an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Get kids excited about democracy with political costumes.

For a fun twist, turn the youngest members of the brood into senior citizens.

Or crazy cat ladies.

Pop culture references -- like Bjork's swan dress from 2001 -- are always a good idea.

Or when in doubt, animal costumes are always in style.

Why not put a whole farm together?

Though some animals might not fit that bill.

They might look ferocious, but they're harmless.

Bonus if there's no sewing required, like this octopus made of stuffed socks.

Balloons can be bunches of fun.

In a rush? Swaddle your baby in aluminium to make one delectable burrito.

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