Trump's White House Easter bunny is mysteriously missing its vest --  and people are concerned

  • This week, a tweet that suggested that President Donald Trump broke with tradition at this year’s Easter Egg Roll went viral.
  • The photos implied that the famous Easter bunny was without its signature vest for the first time.
  • This is incorrect – the waistcoat has been absent for almost a decade. A closer look reveals there may have been multiple Easter bunny costumes in the White House.

The internet is blaming President Donald Trump for losing the Easter bunny’s signature vest at this year’s Easter Egg Roll, but in an unexpected twist, it turns out that former President Barack Obama could be to blame.

This week, a tweet showing photos of former US presidents’ Easter bunnies at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll went viral. The photos suggested that Trump’s Easter bunny was decidedly naked this year and missing its signature red vest.

The Easter bunny is a fixture at this annual celebration, which dates back 140 years. More than 30,000 people come out to participate in activities such as lawn bowling, egg decorating, and storybook reading on the White House South Lawn.

The bunny tradition itself dates back to President Richard Nixon. Over the years, its signature costume, including a red vest, has been passed down through the presidents. Now, it seems to have disappeared.

The waistcoat was present under Clinton in 2000.

And it stayed intact under President Bush in 2008.

Things began to change under Obama. Here’s the bunny in 2009:

But in 2010, the bunny costume was different. In this photo, you can see the bunny has no waistcoat, blue eyeshadow, and a different mouth. The bunny stayed this way throughout Obama’s time in office.

In 2017, Trump brought back the original bunny waistcoat, minus the red vest.

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