This IHOP Is Installing A $40,000 Machine To Stop Its Entire neighbourhood From Smelling Like Bacon


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This IHOP in Manhattan’s East Village has a problem.Bacon grease reeks. It’s stinking up the areas and the neighbours aren’t happy about it.

So, it’s installing a $40,000 smog-hog on its roof that’s expected to completely get rid of the odor, reports Stephen Rex Brown at the Local East Village.

Ah, the lengths a store has to go to appease its neighbours. That’s a pretty serious investment, but is it really necessary?

Yes, judging by the intensity of the angry neighbours. One woman complained to the Local East Village that the bacon grease stench even woke her up one morning.

Here’s an anonymous complaint that was sent to EV Grieve:

“I live in one of the buildings behind the 14th Street IHOP, and no, the situation hasn’t gotten much better. Several days will go by without much of a problem, and then the stench will begin again. Sometimes, like this morning, it will just be for an hour or two, but then there will be a couple of days when it is just never-ending. Right now, it’s a low-level stale smell. My neighbours and I have repeatedly contacted CB6, the DEP, Rosie Mendez’s office, you name it – IHOP is still stinking up the neighbourhood. Please, please don’t go to IHOP.”

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