East Timor Is Asking For Documents Seized By Australian Spies To Be Returned

Lawyer Bernard Collaery

The East Timor government wants documents seized from the Canberra office of a lawyer acting for the country returned, according to ABC News.

East Timor is taking legal action in an international court after agents from Australia’s overseas spy agency allegedly bugged a 2004 cabinet meeting in the country where a lucrative contract was discussed.

The negotiations led to a $40 billion oil and gas treaty, which the East Timor government now alleges was negotiated with the advantage of secret information.

A number of agents from the domestic spy agency ASIO recently raided the office of lawyer Bernard Collaery, who was out of the country at the time preparing for the case, which is being heard in the Hague.

During the raid, which was authorised by the Attorney-General, agents seized key documents related to the allegations.

Also raided was the home of a former ASIS officer who was scheduled to give evidence in the case. His passport was among documents seized.

There is more at The ABC.

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