5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Near Iran Nuclear Plant Kills 7, Injures At Least 30

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake
has hit Borazjan, Iran, about 35 miles from the country’s sole nuclear power plant, Agence France Presse

Seven people are dead and 30 injured, according to Iran’s state news agency.

AFP reports that neighbouring countries have often expressed concern about Iran’s Russian-built reactor and risk of radioactive leaks if an earthquake hits.

In 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported that scientists and nuclear watchdog organisations were concerned about the possibility of a Chernobyl-like accident at the plant.

Edwin Lyman, a senior scientist for global security program the Union of Concerned Scientists, told the newspaper: “We have had concerns about the safety of this reactor and continue to urge the international community to examine its operations.”

An Iranian whistleblower claimed in a report that the plant is unsafe and couldn’t withstand a major earthquake, according to The Australian. The report also noted that there is no contingency plan in place for accidents.

It is so far unclear how this quake will affect the power plant.

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