The first reactions to ‘Venom’ are in, and people are saying it’s an unintentionally funny superhero movie with a bizarre Tom Hardy performance

  • The first social-media reactions to “Venom” are in after the movie’s world premiere on Monday.
  • They paint a mixed picture, with some saying it’s a “complete failure” and others enjoying its surprising humour.
  • One thing everyone seems to agree on, though, is that Tom Hardy gives a bizarre performance.

“Venom,” the latest superhero movie based on the popular Spider-Man villain, is either an entertaining buddy comedy or as bad as “Catwoman,” depending on who you ask.

The first social-media reactions to the movie poured in Monday night after the film’s world premiere, and they paint a mixed picture.

One thing everyone seems to agree on, however, is that compared with his costars, Tom Hardy gives a bizarre performance as Eddie Brock, the reporter consumed by the alien symbiote called Venom.

Some critics despised the movie, calling it a “complete failure” and a “tonal mess.” Others liked it a lot, saying it was surprisingly funny (maybe without intending to be) and not to be taken too seriously.

Below are some early reactions to the movie:

Many straight-up hated “Venom.”

Some people were confused – or even fascinated – by Hardy’s bizarre performance.

Some just had mixed feelings.^tfw^tfw

There were still plenty who liked it.

And it’s at least better than “The Emoji Movie.”

“Venom” comes to theatres on Friday.