BUY OR SELL? The 8 Big MLB Stories That Everyone Is Talking About Right Now

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It’s been an exciting two weeks of baseball so far.Every team has played about 12 games, which isn’t enough to predict who will be left standing come October but it does provide us with some interesting trends to keep up with as the year goes along.

Sorry Baltimore fans, your notoriously strong-starting Orioles aren’t going to finish in first place.

Nor is David Wright going to lead the league in hitting with a .500 average.

On the other end of things, chances are good the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels will pick things up and move up in the standings.

BUY: Alex Rodriguez is DONE

A-ROD is hitting an abysmal .222 with 8 strikeouts and only 1 home run.

Last year he battled injuries and never quite found his groove, only playing in 99 games. Health hasn't been a big issue this year, though, as Rodriguez has played in all of the Yankees' 12 games.

It looks like father time has finally caught up to this 36-year-old.

SELL: The Washington Nationals will win the National League East

More than a few experts thought the Nats were a serious playoff threat before the season started. There's definitely a lot of talent here, especially in that pitching staff (tops in the majors in ERA, quality starts, WHIP, and batting average against).

But Washington should mostly thank baseball's schedule makers for this 10-3 start. It's come against bottom feeders like the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

The Nats' lineup will eventually catch up to them.

BUY: The Detroit Tigers will run away with the AL's best record

The Tigers currently sit at 9-3, only one game behind the Texas Rangers (10-2) for the best record in the American League.

Two reasons to be bullish on the Tigers finishing with a better record than the Rangers: they get to feast on woeful AL Central teams while Texas has to deal with the Los Angeles Angels and they have a pitcher-sluggers combination few can match, i.e. Justin Verlander and the Miguel Cabrera-Prince Fielder duo.

SELL: The Philadelphia Phillies' run is over

Roy Halladay is still Roy Halladay. Cliff Lee had a game for the ages against the Giants. This is the best starting staff in baseball.

Sure, their bats are not doing ANYTHING right now, but that will get corrected soon enough when Chase Utley and Ryan Howard return to the lineup.

Also keep in mind that none of the National League East teams have great lineups, so these Phillies will end up on the winning end of one or two run games more often than not.

BUY: Matt Kemp's gargantuan numbers will keep up en route to NL MVP honours

Kemp has picked up right where he left off in 2011.

He leads the league in hits, runs, home runs, RBI, and slugging percentage.

Kemp won't be satisfied with being the MVP runner up this time around.

SELL: The New York Mets surprise big start will continue

These are the Mets we're talking about.

A team that is devoid of much talent at left field, centre field, shortstop, second base, and catcher with a bullpen that is average at best.

They've done OK so far, hanging around .500, but there's no way it lasts a full season.

BUY: The Boston Red Sox's poor start is indicative of how far this team has fallen

Boston's pitching staff is downright awful and shows no signs of improvement. They have the worst ERA (6.20) and second-worst batting average against (.288) in all of MLB.

Josh Beckett's issues from 2010 seemed to have returned and new manager Bobby Valentine's explosive nature nearly derailed this team only two weeks into the season.

More importantly, the malaise from last season's epic collapse still lingers.

SELL: Albert Pujols is DONE

We've been here before.

Pujols got off to sluggish start last season before going on a tear from June on through the World Series.

Don't worry. Pujols won't finish with zero home runs and more strikeouts than walks. He's just figuring out American League pitchers and will start bashing away once the weather starts getting a little warmer.

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