The Early Look: Your 10-Second Guide To What Happened Overnight

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Japan broke its 5-day losing streak to lead Asian markets higher today, while Shanghai took a relative breather. Yesterday’s strong earnings from Microsoft (MSFT) and Caterpillar (CAT) lifted hopes particularly for Asian tech and industrial stocks. Australian export prices surged by the most ever on record thanks to robust gains for commodities.

Tokyo: +2.3% (Nikkei 225, 2:29)

Australia: +1.9% (ASX 200, 2:36)

 Shanghai: +0.4% (CSI 300, 3:01)

Asia: +1.4% (MSCI Asia Apex 50, 4:18)

Hong Kong: +1.1% (Hang Seng, 4:01)

Europe is rising moderately across the board. We’re awaiting the results of bank stress tests today, for after European markets close at 12:00 PM ET. Spanish 10-year yields are lower, and now far lower than they were in mid-June. Makes you wonder if a positive stress outcome is already priced-in and expected. Still, Greek yields are still pretty ugly.

Frankfurt: +0.45% (DAX, 4:07)

Paris: +0.6% (CAC 40, 4:07)

London: +0.16% (FTSE 100, 4:06)

The Euro: $1.294 (+0.34%, 4.18)

Spain 10-Year Yield: 4.39% (Down from 4.7% in mid-June)

Greece 10-Year Yield 10.39% (Vs. 9.5% in mid-Jue)


Gold and oil are holding their own, while the Baltic Dry Index has notched yet another gain.

Gold: +0.3% ($1,192, 4:00)

Oil: +0.0% (Brent Crude $77.82, 4:00)

Baltic Dry Index: +1.12% (BDI 1,801, 22 July)

Dollar Index: -0.31% (DXY 82.38, 4:14)


U.S.futures are pushing for a positive open today. Today watch for McDonalds (MCD), Verizon (VZ), and Schlumberger (SLB) earnings.


Greek 10-Year Yield -- Still pretty ugly

Spain's 10-Year Yield has much improved

The Baltic Dry Index has stabilised, for now

Japan's Nikkei broke this recent losing streak, broke above 9,430

Japan's second-largest steelmaker JFE Holdings spiked

Japan's natural gas production giant Inpex soared

Japan's largest steelmaker Nippon Steel

Hitachi jumped

Jiangxi Copper in Hong Kong had a nice run

Japan's consrtuction equipment company Komatsu loved the Caterpillar results from yesterday

LG Electronics jumped 1.53% in Korea after releasing earnings

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