Beautiful Pictures Of Japan From Around 100 Years Ago

mount fuji from the dock pilingsA fisherman floating on Lake Yamanaka during an early winter morning, in the shadow of Mount Fuji, circa 1898.

Photo: Flickr/Rob Oeschle (originally T. Enami)

Travel back to Japan at the turn of the century with these beautiful, hand-coloured photographs taken by well-known Japanese photographer T. Enami.Enami, whose real name was Nobukuni Enami, opened his photography studio in Yokohama in April 1892. Most of these photos were taken sometime between 1898 and 1917, though Enami created amazing photographs and 3-D stereoviews of Japan’s people and countryside until his death in 1929.

Photo researcher Rob Oechsle, an expert on Japanese photography who has lived in Okinawa for three decades, gave us permission to use scans of Enami’s century-old images. Check out the rest of his images here on Flickr.

Enami's assistants colour photos by hand at his studio in Yokohama, circa 1895-7.

Craftsmen create bronze relics, circa 1897-1900.

Geishas examine 3-D photographs, circa 1898-1907.

Japanese kids ride on a rickshaw near Kyoto around 1898.

Two young maiko, or apprentice geishas, greet over tea, circa 1898.

Women pick tea leaves on a hillside circa 1905-20.

Little boys walk to school in their formal dress robes, circa 1910-1920.

A fortune teller reads a man's palm, circa 1915-1920.

Children carry religious emblems for a parade in early 20th century Japan.

Women wait for customers in their general store on a cold day.

A man entertains children with his monkey in the street.

Geishas pose on a bridge over a pond in the Fugetsu Garden, circa 1915-1920.

Japanese ships, called junks, on the water.

A pilgrim travels along a misty forest road.

The Old Imperial Hotel was built by Frank Lloyd Wright in Tokyo in 1923.

Apprentice geishas survey the gardens of Hikone, near Kyoto, circa 1925.

A boy visits the Great Buddha, also called the Daibutsu, at Kotoku Temple in Kakamura, circa 1925.

A craftsman creates household shrines circa late 1920s.

An umbrella maker paints one of his pieces.

A boatman paddles by Torii, or gateway, part of the Itsukushima shine complex on Miyajima Island.

Geishas relax by a lake.

Two people visit a family tomb in a rural cemetery.

Here's another classic view of Mount Fuji behind ancient pines.

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