A brave bettor has made the first multi-million dollar Super Bowl bet in Las Vegas — and it is on the Eagles

  • With over a week to go until the Super Bowl, Las Vegas has already taken a seven-figure bet on the Eagles in the big game.
  • The bet was so large it appears to have moved the spread of the game a full point in favour of the Eagles.
  • The Patriots have a history of playing close games in the Super Bowl, so if the mystery bettor took the points, he will have history on his side heading into the game.

More than a week away from Super Bowl LII, Las Vegas is already seeing seven-figure bets made on the big game.

According to a report from ESPN’s David Purdum, MGM vice president of race and sports Jay Rood recently confirmed that the group took a “multimillion-dollar” wager on the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots from one brave, early bettor.

Rood was hesitant to disclose more details about the bet, and would not say the exact amount of the wager or whether the bet was made on the moneyline or against the spread. Regardless of the precise amount, Purdum claims it’s one of the largest reported bets in Nevada in recent history.

The bet was so large that it appears to have moved the line at MGM a full point, with the Patriots moving from a -5.5 to a -4.5 favourite on Wednesday afternoon. As of Thursday morning, the majority of Las Vegas sportsbooks have the Patriots favoured by five.

If this bettor took the points, history bodes well for their bankroll, as Tom Brady and the Patriots have kept things fairly close even with their unparalleled Super Bowl success.

Larger bets are not entirely uncommon in Las Vegas, especially on the most bet-on event of the year, but taking a bet of this size this far from the game is somewhat out of the norm.

“I’ve had inquiries for some big bets,” Rood said. “Last year, on Saturday and Sunday, we took probably a record number of six-figure wagers. I’m thinking the same kind of thing is going to happen this year.”

But taking the bet this early has its advantages for the sportsbook, as now MGM has more time to manoeuvre their spread and other bets to put them in a better position before kickoff.

The Super Bowl kicks off February 4, and many more millions will be bet on both the Eagles and Patriots before they finally meet on the field in Minneapolis. But as it stands, at least one bettor already has at least seven figures riding on the game.