It looks more and more like Tim Tebow will make the Eagles, and they have a specific plan for him

With the NFL’s regular season less than three weeks away, it looks like Tim Tebow will be on the Philadelphia Eagles final roster.

According to ESPN, Chip Kelly is excited by Tim Tebow’s training camp and preseason, and it’s likely that Tebow will make the final 53-man roster.

Though Tebow looks like the third-string quarterback behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, he figures to have a very specific role on the team: extra-point, goal-line, and short yardage situations.

Tebow has reportedly looked better at throwing and staying in the pocket after spending 18 months working with a quarterback coaching guru. However, his main strength remains running the ball, and the Eagles think he could be a weapon in short-yardage situations, particularly with the NFL’s new extra-point rules.

With the NFL pushing back extra-point kicks in a move to incentivise going for two, the Eagles now have a quarterback who can double as a running back if they’re going for two. Tebow, while he completed six of 12 passes for 69 yards in his preseason debut, also had 15 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown. At the goal-line or on two-point attempts, the Eagles can put Tebow in the game, and give him a read option: run the ball and dive into the end-zone or make a throw.

This also helps protect Bradford, who is coming off a second torn ACL. The Eagles can insert Tebow in the game for these types of situations, so they don’t risk Bradford’s health. Tebow can give the Eagles offence a different look as a running threat, but if he’s reliable enough as a passer, the defence can’t only key-in on him when he’s on the field.

While Tebow’s spot isn’t locked down yet — he reportedly needs to avoid any costly errors through the end of training camp — his fit under Kelly, who would be willing to try this type of experiment, seems perfect.

If Bradford were to go down or underperform, it seems that Sanchez would become the starter. But if Tebow can prove effective in these types of situations, he may suddenly have a prominent role on the most mysterious team in the NFL.

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