The Eagles' incredible Super Bowl trick play was identical to a play Nick Foles ran in high school


  • The Philadelphia Eagles ran an incredible trick play in the Super Bowl that got Nick Foles a touchdown catch.
  • The play apparently came from Foles’ high school days, and the play was run the exact same way.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ incredible Super Bowl trick play that got Nick Foles a receiving touchdown was apparently one Foles had run before.

According to Yahoo, the play came from Foles’ high school football playbook – and it looks identical.

Both plays began with Foles faking an audible, then inching out of the way of the snap. The snap then goes to a running back, who flips it to a tight end or receiver, who then tosses it to Foles in the end zone.

Here’s Foles running the play in high school:

And here’s Foles running the play on the game’s biggest stage:

Whether the Eagles or Foles suggested bringing the play back up in the Super Bowl is unclear, but it will go down as an all-time great play in NFL history.

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