The Eagles Now Have A $15-Million Michael Vick Dilemma On Their Hands

michael vick of the philadelphia eagles sitting on the bench

Photo: Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Everyone assumed that the Eagles would cut Michael Vick this winter to avoid paying his $15 million salary next season.But in hiring radical Oregon coach Chip Kelly, the Eagles have given themselves a dilemma: Cut Vick and look for another dual-threat QB who fits in Kelly’s system? Or keep Vick and swallow that $15 million?

On paper, Vick is a great fit for Kelly’s offence — which requires a quarterback who can run the ball. But there are risks:

  • Vick hasn’t been really good since 2010. His numbers across the board have dipped while his interceptions and fumbles have gone through the roof.
  • He’s injury prone. He played in 23 of Philly’s 32 regular season games since 2010. More frighteningly, he has a history of concussions that seem to be getting more and more frequent.
  • It’s unclear how quickly he’ll be able to pick up a new offence. Vick is getting old. Philly might be better of going with a young guy who has time to learn the system.
  • That $15 million.

The alternative is the Eagles cut Vick and look elsewhere.

Geno Smith is a dual-threat QB from West Virginia who will almost certainly be available when the Eagles pick at No. 4 for in the Draft. But he isn’t the sort of elite athlete that RGIII or Cam Newton are. And of all the free-agent QBs, there doesn’t appear to be a guy like Kaepernick up for grabs.

So it’s a pickle — Philly ideally wants a Vick-type quarterback to pair with Kelly, but the actual Vick might be too expensive and has too many question marks.

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