Eagles coach had a hilarious reaction to an oddly worded question about Carson Wentz's 'explosion'

  • Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was asked a question about Carson Wentz experiencing a “premature explosion.”
  • Pederson cracked up at the phrasing of the question, sending the press room into fits of laughter.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson appears to be in good spirits, and for good reason, as his team is 10-1, winners of nine straight games.

That good mood was apparent on Monday when Pederson couldn’t help but laugh at a reporter’s oddly worded question about Carson Wentz.

During a media session, a reporter asked whether defences would adjust to Wentz, wondering if Wentz has experienced a “premature explosion.”

As Pederson tried to answer the question, he began cracking up at the phrasing, spreading laughter throughout the press room.

Pederson tried to get it together, saying, “Let’s regroup here” only to begin laughing again. Eventually, he composed himself enough to answer the question.

Watch the video below:

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