This Quote From A Philadelphia Eagles Coach Is Either Idiotic Or Brilliant

This quote about the Eagles offensive from coordinator Marty Mornhinweg nearly broke our brains (via Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News):

The contrarian in us says, “YES!”

In theory, a team shouldn’t change their tactics based on one play, or even one series of plays. The Eagles thought the best way to counter what the Browns were doing on defence was by throwing the ball. Just because they didn’t execute doesn’t mean the strategy was wrong.

But on the other hand, we watched that Eagles-Browns game. Philly was terrible on offence. So so terrible.

Lesean McCoy averaged 5.5 yards per carry, yet they continued to throw and throw and throw in the second half.

In addition, Browns QB Brandon Weeden was single-handedly killing his team. All the Eagles had to do was protect the ball by handing it off to McCoy, yet they decided to keep passing and Vick turned it over four times.

Is it possible that Mornhinweg is both right and wrong at the same time?

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