The Eagles beat the Redskins thanks to a controversial replay review that surprised players on both sides

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 30-17 in Week 1 of the NFL season, but the result might have been different if not for a controversial replay review of the Eagles’ game-winning fumble return for a touchdown.

With the Redskins trailing by five points with under two minutes to play, they were driving for a potential go-ahead touchdown.

Instead, Cousins was hit as he tried to throw and Fletcher Cox picked up the loose ball and returned it for what would likely be a game-clinching score.

The announcers, as well as former Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira, thought the play would be reversed on review as the replay seemingly showed Cousins arm moving forward before the ball came loose.

The problem appeared to be that two key replays could be interpreted differently.

The view from behind was not as clear or as slow, but it seemed to show that Cousins’ arm was indeed moving forward.

However, a second replay from the front, that was clear and slower, was less clear on when the ball came loose.

It was hardly a definitive view, but it did seem to at least raise the possibility that the ball was already coming loose when Cousins’ arm started moving forward.

But maybe the clearest sentiment was from the players themselves. 

Both the Redskins’ offence and the Eagles’ defence went back on the field when they saw the replays on the videoboard. Both sides seemed surprised when the official announced the fumble call was upheld.

The Eagles went on to win 30-17.

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