Eagles hit 61-yard field goal for win after Giants botched 2 plays in the closing seconds

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants 27-24 with a last-second 61-yard field goal, but they would have never had an opportunity if the G-men had not botched two plays in the closing seconds.

It started when the Giants, tied 24-24, came up just short of a first down with 19 seconds to go in regulation. Despite only needing a half-yard, they didn’t go for it from their own 34-yard line and punter Brad Wing shanked a punt that went out of bounds after just 28 yards.

This gave the Eagles the ball at their own 38 with 13 seconds to go. The coach behind the official tells it all.

The Eagles still seemingly needed 25 yards in two plays for a reasonable shot at a game-winning field goal.

Those hopes were seemingly dashed when Carson Wentz was pressured on first down and ultimately threw a pass out of bounds. The Eagles were still well short of field-goal range with just sevens seconds left in regulation.

But then the Giants botched their second play in the final 20 seconds.

On second down, Wentz hit Alshon Jeffery for a 19-yard game and he was able to get out of bounds with one second to play. Somehow the Giants, despite having two defenders in the area, were unable to knock the pass down or tackle Jeffery inbounds, which would have likely run out the clock.

That still left the Eagles with a tough decision: do they attempt a 61-yard field goal and risk the Giants returning the kick for a touchdown if it is short, or do they try a Hail Mary. 

They chose the former, and boom! Eagles win!


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