EA Sports Is Bringing Back The Best Sports Video Game Ever As A Feature In 'NHL 14'

From the early days of sports video games, “NHL ’94” by EA Sports is considered by some to be the greatest sports video game ever made and now it is making a comeback of sorts as a special feature in “NHL 14.”

Based on what is seen in the video below, it looks amazing.

The feature, called “NHL 94 Anniversary Mode,” will allow players to use the features of “NHL ’94,” such as fighting and a lack of penalties, with the players of today. It will also have graphics, such as the star under the player, and music that will make the game feel like we are back in 1994.

This is a pretty smart move by EA Sports as the game will continue to cater to the younger players but will also bring back older players that stopped buying hockey video games years ago. It also allows EA Sports to play on both sides of the fine line between realistic games and one that is more fun.

Here is the promo video…

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