EA Sports burned the Seattle Seahawks after they complained about Marshawn Lynch's Madden rating

Marshawn LynchOtto Greule Jr/Getty ImagesEven without saying a word, Marshawn Lynch was still somehow at the center of some recent Twitter beef between his team and EA Sports.

EA Sports released its list of the top-five highest-rated running backs in the “Madden NFL 16” video game Tuesday, leading to a good exchange between the company and the Seattle Seahawks on Twitter.

It began with the Seahawks account complaining about running back Marshawn Lynch’s “trucking” rating. Lynch, who’s the highest-rated running back in the game, was only given a 98 trucking rating. The Seahawks thought it should have been 99:

EA Sports responded by implying that if they wanted him to get a 99, they should have given him the ball at the end of the Super Bowl: