The publisher behind the award-winning 'Mass Effect' series is 'actively looking' at remastering the games

Mass Effect 2EAThe ‘Mass Effect’ series balances action and role-playing elements, allowing players to explore the galaxy with their diverse crew of human and alien crew-mates.

A remastered collection of the “Mass Effect” series hasn’t been officially announced, but it’s almost certainly on the way.

In an interview with Game Informer, Patrick Soderlund, executive vice president for EA Studios, was asked whether a remastered version of the beloved sci-fi series was being considered ahead of the series’ forthcoming sequel, “Mass Effect: Andromeda.”

“I can’t announce anything today,” Soderlund said. “But you can expect us most likely to follow our fellow partners in Activision and other companies that have [remastered games] successfully.”

This is a complete reversal of EA’s previous stance on remastering games. Last year in an interview with Game Informer, Soderlund said remastering older games would take away from developing new games.

“Mass Effect: Andromeda,” the fourth entry in the series, is currently slated for a March 2017 release date on consoles and PC, so if a remastered “Mass Effect” collection is on the way, it would likely arrive before then.

Though “Mass Effect: Andromeda” won’t be a direct continuation of the series thus far, giving newcomers to the series a chance to get familiar with its dense history on current consoles makes a lot of sense.

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