6 Things To Expect At Next Week’s E3 Gaming Expo

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Editor’s note: Next week is the big E3 gaming expo. Sachin Agarwal, president of Chicago-based gaming e-commerce startup Dawdle, will be covering it for us.

This is going to be one of the biggest E3s in years — mainly because it’s back to its roots as a free-for-all at the LA Convention centre after two failed years as a scaled down experience.

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While it doesn’t look like there will be any major surprises or announcements, we’ve organised a quick preview of things you should look out for at E3 and things that are bound to be overhyped.

As far as hardware goes, it’s rumoured that Sony (SNE) will unveil the first major update to its PlayStation Portable, or PSP. The PSP has been a quiet hit, but now that it faces stronger competition (like Nintendo’s new DS or even Apple’s iPod touch), it could be time for an update. (More about the new PSP here.)

As far as game software goes, we’ll be looking to see what kind of announcements will be made regarding games being exclusive to certain platforms, such as Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360 or Sony’s PS3. The economic reasons for focusing development for just one platform are all but gone as most development studios have a core development platform and competent porting abilities. Now it’s mostly a marketing thing. So if there are exclusives, it’ll be telling if they’re timed — a few months, perhaps.

We’re less excited about rumoured PS3 price drops — they won’t matter — or many of the new games or new input methods coming out, such as Microsoft’s rumoured answer to the motion-sensitive Wiimote. At this point, new input devices are extensions of existing ideas – plastic guitars birthing plastic skateboards, motion control birthing more minute motion control.  A second revolution that blows our minds is not coming this year; we’ll see warmed over rehashes, but nothing that will get significant, sustained mainstream publicity.

Click here to scroll through three things to look for at E3 and three things that don’t matter →

Sachin Agarwal is the President and CEO of Dawdle.com, an online marketplace for gamers to buy and sell new and used video games, systems, and accessories with other gamers online. Sachin is covering E3 Expo 2009 for The Business Insider.