Dozens of amazing-looking video games were announced this week -- here's when you'll be able to play them

Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesTodd Howard, the director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, revealed ‘Fallout 76’ on Sunday ahead of the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles.

In just the past three days, dozens of amazing-looking video games have been announced in Los Angeles by some of the industry’s biggest companies at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3.

Gaming and tech powerhouses like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo took turns wowing the live audiences with flashy presentations, live performances, new game trailers, and lots of surprises.

But for the gamers at home, it’s all about finding out how soon we’ll be able to experience the new titles for ourselves.

Here’s a list of the all the biggest games announced at E3, in the order they’re scheduled for release:

A few press conferences included surprise immediate releases. That’s right: You can play these games right now.


Here’s the list:

  • EA’s “Unravel Two”
  • Bethesda’s “Prey” got some hefty downloadable content and an update
  • Nintendo’s “Hollow Knight”
  • The long-awaited Nintendo Switch version of “Fortnite: Battle Royale”

August 2018

EA’s annual NFL-inspired game, “Madden NFL 19,” will drop August 31.

September 2018


This is a big month for new releases, here’s the list:

  • The Forsaken expansion to “Destiny 2” – September 4
  • The new “Spider-Man” – September 7
  • “NBA 2k19” – September 11
  • “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” – September 14
  • “FIFA 19” – September 28

You can read more about “Spider-Man” here.

October 2018

  • “Forza Horizon 4” – October 2
  • “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” – October 5
  • “Super Mario Party” – October 5
  • “Starlink” – October 16
  • “Battlefield 5” – October 19 (standard-edition release)

You can see more details about the newest “Assassin’s Creed” title here.

November 2018

Bethesda Game Studios

This month will see the release of “Fallout 76,” the first multiplayer online game in Bethesda’s popular franchise, on November 14.

Fall 2018, in general


These games were announced only for fall 2018:

  • “Elder Scrolls: Blades,” the first free mobile game in the beloved Bethesda franchise
  • “Transference,” an intense, made-for-virtual-reality game announced by Ubisoft

December 2018

Just in time for last-minute Christmas shoppers:

  • Avalanche’s “Just Cause 4” – December 4
  • Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” – December 7

You can read more about “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” here.

January 2019

Square Enix

The beginning of 2019 will see the release of two hotly anticipated games:

  • “Resident Evil 2” – January 25
  • “Kingdom Hearts 3” – January 29

You can read more about “Kingdom Hearts 3” here.

February 2019

These are only a few of the biggest games coming out this month, as February 22 was clearly a popular release date among gaming companies throughout E3:

  • “Anthem” – February 22
  • “Metro: Exodus” – February 22
  • “Crackdown 3” – exact date unknown

March 2019

Ubisoft’s “The Division 2” will be coming out March 15, 2019.

Sometime in 2019

CD Projekt Red

There are still tons of titles that lack solid release dates but should hit the shelves at some point in 2019.

  • “Ori and the Will of the Wisps”
  • “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”
  • “Devil May Cry 5” – which Microsoft says will be released in spring and which you can read more about in our other coverage
  • “Cuphead” will be getting a substantial expansion and a new playable character
  • “Battletoads”
  • “Gears of War 5”
  • “Rage 2” – also scheduled for a spring release by Bethesda
  • “Wolfenstein: Youngblood”
  • “Skull and Bones”
  • “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”



Bethesda had lots of exciting games to show at its E3 press conference but made it clear we wouldn’t see many of them anytime soon, including the introduction to a new franchise, “Starfield,” and the long-awaited “Elder Scrolls VI.”

There were also plenty of games announced with no release dates. Here the big ones:

  • “Halo Infinite”
  • “Doom Eternal”
  • The Last of Us 2″
  • “Beyond Good and Evil 2”
  • “Death Stranding”
  • “Cyberpunk 2077”

You can read more about on “Halo Infinite” here and more about “Doom Eternal” here.

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