These are the Adidas sneakers Kanye West plugged during his cameo on Caitlyn Jenner's reality show

E i am cait Kanhy West addidas ultra boostE! EntertainmentKanye West shows off his Adidas ultra boost sneakers on E!’s ‘I Am Cait.’

Kanye West was able to create two big moments on Sunday’s premiere episode of E! Entertainment’s “I Am Cait.”

Not only did he say some touching words about Caitlyn Jenner’s bravery, but he also got a chance to plug his sneakers.

The serendipitous plug occurred when one of Jenner’s sisters said, “So, tell me about the untied shoelaces.”

E i am cait kanye west sneakers addidas ultra boostE! EntertainmentKanye West’s Adidas ultra boost sneakers on E!’s ‘I Am Cait.’

“These are sock shoes,” the 38-year-old rapper said as he took off the all-white sneakers to give the woman a look.

“Look how light they are!” Jenner’s sister marveled.

West then explained, “The laces are sort of after the fact.”

“Yeah, not necessary to keep them on your feet,” she responded. “OK, I just want to be cool.”

According to, West made the shoes popular earlier this year.

The sneakers are Adidas ultra boosts, a line of running shoes that retails for $US180.00. West was first seen wearing them last May when he headlined Power 106’s PowerHouse 2015 concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, according to the shoe blog. They were available on pre-order, but sold out right away after making their debut on West’s feet.

Another white-on-white pair of ultra boosts was released in June, but they too are apparently sold out.

An Adidas representative didn’t immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Here’s some of the viewer reactions to West’s sneaker plug: