The E. Coli Death Toll Keeps Rising And No One Knows The Source


Photo: Wikipedia

So far at least 30 people have died from the E. coli crisis in Germany according to the AFP and the number is rising.Despite this, the source of the bacteria has still not been identified.

The best evidence so far appears to be the infected cucumber German authorities found in the household of a person suffering from E. coli.

A different, less virulent strain of E. coli has been found by scientists in Dutch beet sprouts, and beets have been pulled from shelves.

The crisis is hitting European farmers hard, and the European Union raised its offer of aid to farmers from €150 million ($217 million) to €210 million ($304 million) on June 8th. Farmers claim that they’re losing €417 million ($604 million) a week from the ongoing crisis.

Germany has been criticised for their handling of the outbreak, first blaming first Spanish cucumbers and then an innocent German farm. Der Spiegel has called it an “embarrassment“.

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