This new superyacht can take you from Miami to the Galapagos on a single tank of fuel

Monaco-based boat builder Dynamiq has released renderings of a new superyacht that is currently under construction in Italy.

The vessel is known as the GTT, meaning Gran Turismo Transatlantic — an homage to the GT car designation.

“Our goal was to create a next generation yacht for a new era,” said Dynamiq founder and CEO Sergei Dobrroserdov. “Efficient, clean, easy to order and customise. That’s what Dynamiq is all about.”

Dynamiq's GTT superyacht finds a happy medium between sleek and fast, and large and clunky.

That means the GTT can travel at 16 knots (19 mph) while burning much less fuel than other yachts, thanks to its shallow draft of only 6 feet.

It's designed to be fully customisable by the buyer, to suit seafarers in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and beyond.

A 1,292-square-foot sundeck is the anchor point of the upper deck. It too can be configured to suit individual tastes.

The GTT is available in varying lengths, ranging from a 127-foot base to the 132-foot 'limousine version.'

Seen here is the sport version, which is capable of a whopping 25 knots, or 29 mph.

The GTT is expected to hit the water in late 2016. Starting price? From $15,000,000 up to $17,000,000.

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