Dylan Ratigan Is About To Unveil Never Before Seen Transcripts Of Emergency Federal Reserve Meetings

Dylan Ratigan

Photo: DylanRatigan.com

Huh….Dylan Ratigan at The Huffington Post:

Tune in to The Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC at 4 p.m. ET for an exclusive look at the transcripts of meetings of top Fed officials during the financial crisis from 2007-2010.

As I told you on Friday, the Huffington Post and The Dylan Ratigan Show got some significant internal documents from the Federal Reserve.  We’ll be releasing them at 4 p.m. on my show, on the Huffington Post, and at DylanRatigan.com. They gave us the transcripts of certain internal meetings from 2007-2010, the meetings where their top officials planned their response to the gathering crisis (these are known as Federal Open Market Committee meetings, or FOMC).  Willingly giving away documents isn’t how the Fed typically operates, especially documents that might point to serious management problems within the central bank.  They are known as a tight-knit, bank-friendly, super-secret agency.

Is the Fed finally coming clean?

We’ll be watching…

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