Dylan Lauren: The Economic Crisis Is "Kind Of A Non-Thing"

We spotted Dylan Lauren, Ralph’s daughter and proprietress of New York’s high-end candy store Dylan’s Candy Bar at Wednesday night’s Museum of the Moving Image salute to Ben Stiller. And we were curious how the economic downturn was affecting candy sales.

Surprisingly, she says business is booming, since candy is “recession proof.” “Sugar and chocolate in times of war or economic downturn are actually more successful…I think people love comfort food and they love nostalgia and to feel happy and candy is that answer.”

In fact, one category of sweets in particular that’s thriving at her store, Dylan says, is nostalgia candy: “All of the classic, good, old-time candy from baby boomer generations.”

We think (and hope) she’s just referring to packaging from decades gone by, because candy that old wouldn’t be “classic;” it would be inedible.

To be fair to Dylan, she’s not completely unaffected by Wall Street’s woes. The New York City native who attended Manhattan’s prestigious Dalton School did say she felt bad for her friends on Wall Street whose companies have collapsed. But, she says, “I’m not in the thick of watching the stock market everyday, and that’s probably my saving grace.”

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