Dylan Grice Is Heading To Zurich To Manage A Fund

Dylan Grice

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Dylan Grice is joining Edelweiss Holdings, an asset management firm incorporated in Bermuda and is expected to start March 1, according to Zerohedge.Grice told Business Insider that the fund is managed out of Zurich, Switzerland.

He joins the team as Research Director.

Those that love his research notes can rest easy because he will still be writing as part of his new role with Edelweiss.

Back in November Dylan Grice announced that he was leaving his position as a strategist at Societe Generale. At the time he said:

“All good things come to an end, sadly. So it is with my time here alongside Albert, Andy   and the rest of the gang at SG. I’m signing off, checking out, moving on to pastures new.   It’s been a wonderful time. But after three years of trying to sound clever it’s time for me to   do something altogether more difficult, and actually be clever. So early next year, I will join   a small but outstanding investment practice. Naturally, I hope it will be a great success.”

We wish him the very best.

Note: We corrected the piece to reflect that Edelweiss is incorporated in Bermuda but the fund is managed in Zurich, Switzerland.

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