Dwyane Wade Said This Missed Dunk Was The Funniest Thing He's Ever Seen

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James combined for 70 points, 27 rebounds, and 15 assists Sunday to clobber the Indiana Pacers and win a pivotal game 4 in what is now a 2-2 series… but it wasn’t all rosy for the Heat.

In the closing seconds of the third quarter, with the Heat up 76-70, Miami sharpshooter James Jones drove to the bucket and attempted to poster-ize Louis Amundson. What followed was the funniest thing Dwyane Wade has ever seen, according to ESPN.com’s Tom Haberstroh:

haberstroh wade

Photo: twitter

Jones took it all in stride, though.

haberstroh jones

Photo: twitter

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