Dwyane Wade Reveals Why LeBron James And The Miami Heat Are Obliterating Everything In Their Wake This Year

Dwyane Wade's Huge Sacrifice For LeBron James

Photo: @marcel_mutoni

As we’ve harped on throughout this season, LeBron James has been on an entirely different planet this year.As a result, LeBron’s led the Miami Heat to a fantastic run that looks like it won’t end until he hoists his first NBA Championship trophy in a few weeks.

And even though many have had an inkling that LeBron’s sheer dominance is at least in part due to Dwyane Wade’s deference, we didn’t know that for sure until now.

Wade spoke to ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez, admitting that the way he saw LeBron take over games while he sat out with an injury in January convinced him to start playing second fiddle.

“It was probably one of the hardest things I had to do in sports was to, in a sense, take a step back. A lot of people don’t understand. They’ll say, ‘Why would you do that?’ To me, I want more success from winning. I don’t want another scoring title. I’m just trying to win.”

Wade also credits yelling at LeBron during Game 3 of last year’s NBA Finals for his MVP-level resurgence in 2012.

LeBron is the most cerebral athlete he’s ever known and their new found court chemistry is why they won’t come up short this time around, Wade added.

Read what else Wade had to say on ESPN.com

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