Dwyane Wade Says He Wouldn't Want To Form A 'Big 3' Again

Dwyane WadeGetty ImagesDwyane Wade seems to be enjoying the new era in Miami.

The Miami Heat have struggled since losing LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers this past summer. They lost the most impactful offensive player in the NBA, and one of the best wing defenders in the league.

Though Dwyane Wade has enjoyed a return to his old role, the Heat are just 13-15 in a weak Eastern Conference, and don’t appear to be anywhere close to title contention like they were with James in the fold.

Speaking with Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick, Wade seems pretty content with the state of the Heat.

Wade mentioned that if the Heat’s Big 3 stayed together too long, their legacy would have been tainted. Instead, he said that going to four-straight Finals in four years is something people will make a documentary about.

Wade also said that he understands what the Cavaliers are going through in adjusting to their new Big 3, and that he wouldn’t want to go through the process again:

“Oh, we very well know what Kyrie [Irving] and Kevin [Love] are going through on a nightly basis, and even LeBron. You know, the thing is, [James] can do it again, because he’s a little younger, but I wouldn’t want to do it all over again. That was a grind, man. It was a great grind, because we got success out of it. But I wouldn’t want to do it all over again. More kudos to him for doing it all over again. You’ve got to go through the same process, you know.”

When Skolnick suggested LeBron could ask Wade to join Cleveland in two years when Wade is a free agent, Wade just laughed:

“Ha, ha!” Wade said. “Ha, ha, ha! Ahhh! That’s funny!”

Funny enough that the loud laughter went on for six seconds.

“That is funny,” Wade said. “I can’t, I ain’t even got an answer for that. Man, that’s funny. We’re gonna leave it at that.”

Wade hasn’t shown signs of slowing down, averaging 22.8 points on 51% shooting with 5.5 assists per game this year. Perhaps in two years Wade will be hungry to compete for a championship again, but as of now, he does seem content in Miami.

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