DEBUNKED: The Myth That Dwyane Wade Isn't Being Aggressive Enough Is Totally False

Dwyane Wade, Miamie Heat lose Game 5 to Boston Celtics

Photo: Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

For some reason, everyone thinks Dwyane Wade needs to be more aggressive in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.LeBron apparently asked Dwyane to not defer as much. And Wade himself vowed to be more aggressive at a press conference yesterday.

But here’s the thing: Wade was just as aggressive in Game 1 as he has been for the entire playoffs.

The stats:

  • If you think shot attempts are a part of “aggressiveness” … Wade has averaged 18.6 shots per game in the playoffs, he took 19 in Game 1
  • If you think attempts at the rim are a part of “aggressiveness” … 48.5% of Wade’s 353 shots in the playoffs came from inside 9 feet, 47.3% of Wade’s 19 shots in Game 1 came from inside 9 feet

Wade didn’t play any differently in Game 1. He just missed shots.

The idea that he’s “not being aggressive” is more of an aesthetic thing — it doesn’t feel like Wade is playing like himself.

But based on the numbers, Wade’s aggressiveness has been consistent.

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