Dwyane Wade sacrificed about $17 million while playing for the Miami Heat

One of the biggest surprises of the NBA offseason was Dwyane Wade’s decision to sign with the Chicago Bulls after 13 seasons as the face of the Miami Heat and one of the things that may have driven him away is how much money he sacrificed for the franchise.

Much has been made about how Wade sacrificed millions over the years to help lure players like LeBron James and Chris Bosh and how he may have felt slighted by a lack of effort by the Heat to make up for those sacrifices this offseason.

How much did Wade sacrifice? Turns out it was about $17 million.

Wade was drafted in 2003 along with three other All-Star players, James, Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony. All three of those players have routinely signed max-level contracts and all three of those players have made a lot more money than Wade in the NBA. Through the 2015-16 season, Wade has made $152.9 million, $10.3 million less than Bosh ($163.2M), $16.7 million less than James ($169.6 million), and $23.6 million less than Anthony ($176.6M), according to Spotrac.

A simple average of the career earnings for those three players suggests Wade could have made around $170 million in his career by now if he had not sacrificed money for wins, or about $17 million more than what he has made. We can also see below that the gap is widening and Wade will probably never catch up.

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