Even LeBron James Was Appalled By Dwyane Wade's Out-Of-Control Glasses Last Night

It’s still too early to tell, but Dwyane Wade might have officially killed the NBA’s crazy glasses trend with these silly flip-ups after Game 4.

We’ve seen absurd looks before: namely, Wade’s lens-less plastic pair and Westbrook’s famous red Ray Bans.

But this is next level. Wade’s eyewear last night even made noted fashionisto LeBron James draw a line in the sand.

Here’s what LBJ said while his teammate was on stage (via I Am A GM):

“It’s getting out of control. Right here, this whole glasses thing is getting out of control right now. Look at this guy? ‘In two years Dwayne Wayne became Dwyane Wade,’ huh? … Oh man.”

Here are the glasses (via CJ Fogler):

dwyane wade glasses

Photo: @cjzero

And here’s LeBron awesome assessment:

“Dwayne Wayne” is 1) a great Kanye reference, and 2) a spot-on pop culture comparison. Here’s Dwayne Wane from the sitcom A Different World:

dwayne wayne and dwyane wade

Photo: Universal Studios and NBATV

LeBron, calling the kettle black:

Hipster LeBron James

Photo: ESPN

LeBron James

Photo: NBAtv

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