Dwyane Wade Fined $US5,000 For Outrageous Flop In Game 2 Of The NBA Finals

The NBA fined Dwyane Wade $US5,000 for flopping during the second quarter in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday.

It’s a blatant flop — Manu Ginobili goes to strip the ball and misses Wade’s face entirely, yet Wade grimaces and grabs his face as though he’s just taken a shot to the nose. Given the ref’s angle on the play, he calls the foul solely based on Wade’s theatrics, sending the Heat guard to the line for two shots.

The play resulted in Ginobili’s third foul just before halftime, and Wade made both FTs. But imagine if this had happened with less than a minute to go in a tie-game situation, or caused Ginobili to wrongfully foul out. Officials can only review and overturn out of bounds plays with less than two minutes remaining, but should to be able to review calls like this, too.

Two quarters later, at a much more crucial juncture in the game, Ginobili — also a known flopper — responds almost identically when Ray Allen goes for a strip at the top of the key. No foul is called, but the reaction sure looks similar to Wade’s. (via r/nba.)

Watch the full video of Wade’s flop below:

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