Dwyane Wade joked that his jersey-swaps from last season are suddenly irrelevant after so many stars switched teams

AP Photo/David J. PhillipDwyane Wade swapped jerseys with opponents after games throughout his final NBA season, but his collection has become outdated just months later.
  • Dwyane Wade exchanged jerseys with opposing players over the course of his final NBA season.
  • Thanks to a wild offseason, a shocking number of the jerseys Wade received during the year are already out of date, with some fans on Twitter calling it a “curse.”
  • Wade joked about the trend on Twitter, saying his collection is “looking kinda bootleg” due to all of the player movement that has taken place.
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Dwyane Wade made the most of his final NBA season, turning the year into a retirement tour of sorts, earning praise for his phenomenal career from opposing players and crowds.

One aspect of this tour that gained momentum over the course of the season was Wade exchanging jerseys with opponents on the court after games. Wade would trade jerseys with former teammates, up and coming stars, arch-rivals, and occasionally young players who idolized him while honing their own game.

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By the end of the season, Wade had assembled quite a collection. But as some NBA fans on Twitter realised, a shocking number of the jerseys he acquired are already out of date thanks to what has been one of the wildest offseasons in recent memory.

According to ESPN, Wade swapped jerseys with more than three dozen players throughout the year, and at least 18 players whose jerseys he received will be playing for a new team when the season begins this fall.

Some on Twitter dubbed the trend a “curse,” with Wade’s jersey seemingly coming with a one-way ticket out of town.


The trend became so prominent that Wade himself had to address the matter on Twitter.

While Wade’s collection might have turned vintage a bit sooner than expected, it only makes the jerseys he acquired more iconic.

And if he has any interest in updating his collection, there’s always the chance he decides to mount a mid-season comeback in January.

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