Dwyane Wade Already Has His Outfits For The NBA Finals Picked Out

The Heat still have to get past the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. But that hasn’t stopped Dwyane Wade from already picking out his outfits for the NBA Finals. Actually they were all picked out before the playoffs even started.

Calyann Barnett is Wade’s fashion consultant and after the Heat star caused a stir with his capri pants suit, she appeared on ESPN radio’s “Mike & Mike” to talk about Wade’s style.

“Before the playoffs even started we went through all of his looks, straight through the finals,” said Barnett. “And every look is set already…and I already know what he will wear for the next game and the Finals.”

When asked what Wade looks for in an outfit, Barnett confirmed what many of us already knew. That is, Wade wants to be different, saying “he loves to have fun, loves to try new things.”

To get a sense of what we should be prepared for, here are some of the outfits he has already worn during the playoffs.

Here he is in his polka dot capri suit prior to a recent game against the Bulls…

Dwyane Wade

For another game against the Bulls, he wore a purple and black camo jacket…

Dwyane Wade

This jacket, which looks like something you would find on the wall at a retirement home, was also from the Bulls series…

Dwyane Wade

And here is showing some skin…

Dwyane Wade

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