MUST WATCH: Brutally Honest Dwolla Founder Ben Milne Reveals How To Court Programmers

Building a startup without having background in coding or a tech co-founder is a challenge.

Dwolla founder Ben Milne tried to teach himself how to craft a website by doing what everyone solving a problem would do:

“I have f***ing Google. I can get on the Internet and say ‘What’s html?”

But building his payment startup, which hopes to eradicate credit cards, required more than that so Milne went on a hunt for programmers that share his passion for “changing the way money moves.”

Watch highlights from a panel discussion with SAI editor Alyson Shontell at Startup 2012 where Milne explains how to launch a startup without tech help, find and keep the right developers, and why having his company in Iowa is awesome.

Contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.




Produced by Robert Libetti

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