The Orlando Magic Are Worried Dwight Howard's Season Is Over

Dwight Howard

Photo: AP Images

Dwight Howard, who is suffering from a herniated disk, will rest his back for the remainder of the regular season. And according to the Orlando Sentinel (via the Sporting News), when asked if Howard would be back for the playoffs, coach Stan Van Gundy called it a “a 50-50 thing.”“Look, any time you have a guy on that kind of timetable you’ve got to assume that the playoffs are a 50-50 thing…So we’ve got to go forward assuming that what’s in our locker room is our team going forward.”

The Orlando Magic are one of three teams, along with the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks, that are tied with 25 losses in the race for the fourth seed in the East and home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

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